Support Services

All Service Users have a Key-worker who meets with them regularly and is responsible for coordinating assessments and support plans. From these 1:1 meetings a support plan is created by identifying the her needs and goals, and is actively revised and revisited and is an ongoing process which is regularly signed off by the House Manager. In between meetings the key-worker or the service user has the ability to request an interim meeting, if a specific problem or need arises and needs immediate attention.

Service Users will be encouraged to attend workshops or other learning opportunities run within the Cantercare house by staff or an outside agency coming in, or at times going outside of Cantercare and making use of facilities in the community with other agencies. Previous examples of this have been Financial Clinics, Positive Parenting courses, Incredible Years programmes, Counselling sessions, Healthy Eating, NHS health awareness, Fire safety, Healthy Relationships etc.
Service Users will also be signposted to agencies which Cantercare liaises with such as Connexions, Job Centre, RSDV, Children’s centres, YAPs etc.

The young women are given the opportunity to return to education or work, or take up other academic or educational opportunities. Cantercare has seen many of its Service Users re-attend school or college, gaining qualifications through GCSEs, B-techs, Access courses and Apprenticeships. If they attend school or college, they are encouraged to apply for Care to Learn for childcare funding, which is government funding that enables childcare costs to be covered for up to 3 days per week.

Cantercare encourages social interaction amongst the Service Users and regularly runs pamper evenings, film nights and craft evenings to name a few, where service users are encouraged to participate as a group and gain skills or just enjoy spending time together.
Cantercare also holds House Meals once a month. This is a time for all everyone to share a meal together, to chat and to catch up and to discuss general goings on in the house. It is a time to get to know each other better, and to build relationship and community.

There are more seasonal social events that Service Users are encouraged to attend and participate in.

There are Christmas events attended by both staff and service users, which in the past have included trips to see the panto and a meal out or a Cantercare Christmas day with a meal, secret santa and craft activities. There is a Ladies Night (arranged by another Canterbury based charity) which is a yearly event just for ladies, which seeks to deliver an entertaining and relaxing evening to make ladies feel cherished and valued whilst enjoying a 3 course meal, live music and a small gift.

Cantercare also encourages the involvement of the Service User, and believes that such involvement will not only help tailor our services to meet their current needs but will help shape our services for the future, once a month everyone is encouraged to attend a House Meeting, where matters are discussed and Service Users have the opportunity to raise any issues or opinions they have about things going on in the house. This is a time for all Service Users to have their voices heard and discuss problems or successes openly as a group and from these discussions changes are made and problems diplomatically resolved. Feedback forms are also available to raise any concerns or ideas and suggestions they may have to Staff.