Who do we house?

Referrals for Cantercare must be:
• Women from the age of 16 to 21 years old
• Be pregnant or with a young baby
• Be homeless or facing impending homelessness
• Be in need of support and be willing to engage and develop skills needed for both motherhood and independence
• Be able to live in shared accommodation with people in the same situation and with similar support needs

Conditions of Occupancy
All Cantercare Service Users are requested to sign a Licence Agreement that entitles them to stay at Cantercare until their baby reaches 18 months old, and to complete a Housing Needs Application. During their stay they are expected to abide by the House Rules which are signed on admission, and to ensure weekly service charge payments are met.

In the case of miscarriage Service Users will be able to stay on at Cantercare for a period of 3 months.

If Service Users wish to end their Licence, written notice of 4 weeks must be given.
Cantercare can end the Licence Agreement by giving the Service User written notice of 28 days. Reasons for terminating a Licence Agreement could include:-

• Unpaid Service Charge
• Having not kept or broken any conditions of the Licence or House Rules
• Committing any criminal damage to the property
• Causing serious or persistent nuisance to other residents neighbours or staff, or acts of harassment on the grounds of race, colour, religion, gender, sexuality, age or disability.

Cantercare always endeavours to resolve any problems Service Users have in managing their Licence/Tenancy.

There is no “normal” length of stay as every situation is individual, but usually by the time the baby of the Service User is approaching a year old, Cantercare will be looking to start the moving on process. The Service User can only be housed by Canterbury City Council if they have lived in the area for a minimum of two years, or have immediate family who have lived in the area for five. If this is the case a housing application will have been completed on admission. Alternatively Cantercare would support the Service User to explore other avenues, including privately renting. This is done in agreement with the Service User; and after a moving on assessment is completed.

Moving On
Cantercare is committed to seeing its Service Users move on to secure and permanent accommodation, living independently and successfully in the community with their babies. The staff give support throughout the moving on process, ensuring they are prepared and provide them with practical help.

Some additional support is offered by Cantercare for up to 3 months once the Service User has moved on, if they require it.

Equal Opportunities Policy
Cantercare is completely committed to the principles of and the carrying out of equal opportunities. Cantercare always endeavours to treat people with equal fairness, courtesy and respect. Cantercare’s Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that no young woman applying for housing at Cantercare will be treated less favourably than any other young woman on the grounds of their race, colour, culture, ethnic origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

It should be noted that in terms of employment, being a women is a genuine occupational qualification of work as defined by Section 7, (11)(E) Sex Discrimination Act 1975.