Referrals & Applications

Making Referrals
All referrals to Cantercare can be made by individuals, statutory or non-statutory agencies. The relevant form can be obtained from Cantercare by telephone or email;
01227 767180

If you would like to make a referral for a client the form can be filled in online then printed and returned to Cantercare by post with any other relevant information. On receipt of the referral form the young woman will be invited to visit the project if she so wishes and has not already done so. If Cantercare is at full capacity the applicant will be placed on the waiting list, when a place is available we will contact the applicant and/or the referring agency to assess the situation and the applicant will be invited to attend an assessment Interview.

If the decision is made to offer a place, the offer will be sent in writing to the applicant and a copy sent to the referring agency. If the application not successful, they will also receive this in writing along with any reasons that affected the decision. The applicant will also be sent information on the appeals procedure.

Feel free to check out and print out our leaflet below for information about Cantercare and referral information.

If you would like to refer yourself give us a call on 01227 767180 and we can help you.